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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Indesit Company Info

As you probably know, Indesit is an  Italian company and is one of the biggest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe. I thought I'd give you some background on the company instead of product info this time so here goes...

The company was founded by Artiside Merloni in 1930 and was originally called Industrie Merloni. After Artiside's death in 1970, the company was split into three divisions and managed by three of his sons.

But Indesit has only really had that name since 2005. Indesit was a rival company to the original Industrie Merloni and was acquired in 1985 by the Merloni Elettrodomestici division of the Merloni Industrie. Indesit was found to be a far more recognisable name in the market so the division became Indesit Company in February 2005. And that just about brings us up to the present. Any developments and I shall let you know.

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